Introduction To Healing Wave Wellness


“I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy

because of this work.  It has personally and

professionally helped me to maximise my ability to

contribute to others.”

Tony Robbins, Peak Performance Coach and best

selling author of ‘Unlimited Power’.

Benefits include ::

Physical :: Reduced/ eliminated pain, less tension/stiffness, improved posture and alignment, fewer headaches.  Greater flexibility, energy, health and enhanced immune function. Commonly resulting in improvements in a wide range of conditions including digestive disorders, asthma and allergies.

Mental/Emotional :: Greater ability to deal with stress, improved mental clarity, focus and productivity.  Better concentration and reduced anxiety and depression.

Personal :: Greater life enjoyment and confidence when dealing with adversity.  Improved ability to relate to others.  Greater sense of wellbeing and ability to relax/de-stress.


Research ::

Research has found that Network Care doubles the benefits of other healthy lifestyle practices ( eg. yoga, exercise, meditation, etc) and leads to a greater ability to make healthy lifestyle choices.  According to research, there is no ceiling to improvement.

Whatever your goals, from tension, pain and symptom relief, to wellness and lifestyle benefits, Network care can help and support you.

Anyone feeling the effects of life’s many stresses or wanting to reach their highest potential can benefit.

Stress and Your Body ::

Your nervous system is made up of your brain, spinal cord and the nerves that exit between the protective bones of your spinal column.  These nerves branch out like the roots of a tree and serve every function of your body.

All movement, breath, taste, thought and emotion is mediated or controlled by these nerves. All internal organs and hormones are balanced via the nervous system.

Under stress, your body responds in certain characteristic ways.  No matter whether the stress is physical, emotional, mental or chemical, the body generally responds by tightening up.  This automatic reaction is called the stress (aka: fight-flight) response and is a completely normal response.

Over time however, in response to stress, tension can build up in the body.

This tension may accumulate slowly and/or rapidly in the case of trauma.  When the body gets stuck or locked in a stress response, this will often show up as excess tension, decreases flexibility, less energy, diminished clarity of thought, and even poor decision making.  Stress causes a whole body response and therefore has whole body effects….affecting your overall health and wellbeing.

Because it is so gentle, Network Spinal Analysis is also suitable for infants, children, pregnant women, older people and those suffering from trauma and chronic conditions.

How Network Spinal Analysis Works ::

Network Spinal Analysis literally teaches your body how to self-correct, dissipate, integrate and release tensions on its own.  This is an ability you will learn over a series of visits and have for the rest of your life.

Network Spinal Analysis works with your body and brain to release stored tension and stress.  Practitioners use very gentle, specific touches to areas of your spine where your stress and tension attach.  Through these gentle touches practitioners bring your brain’s attention to areas that are holding on to tension, and encourage your body to release it.

During entrainments you will find yourself naturally wanting to move and breathe differently as your body learns to let go of stress and tension more effectively.  Once tensions diminish, your body’s powerful self-healing abilities are re-established.

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