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Just make a start, it doesn’t need to be perfect, is the advice of many..including the inspiring Marie Forleo.

Yesterday I came across the most delicious website  Flora after I had borrowed her latest book from my local library.  I just had to share.  Flora is bold and evolved enough to have organised a delicious Affiliate Program which I have joined.  Should you wish to engage with her e-course through my site here…it will help me a little with sharing the gift of creative inspiration, assisting others on their healing journeys, and inspiring me to dig out my own set of paints and canvases that I acquired a few years ago and have not yet played with.

Flora Bowley

Just love Flora’s story, her art and how she helps people unfold, bloom, and create.

Isn’t that what we are looking for..permission to bloom and a tribe of supporters?


let go, be bold, unfold.



The Science and Art of Fundamental Change : The Five Gifts of The Spine

  1. Postural/Structural
  2. Perception
  3. Sense of Self
  4. Behaviour
  5. Consciousness




In the early levels of care, and indeed throughout care as spinal and neural tensions change – a person finds themself  moving their spine and body with new awareness.

There comes a parallel change in their perception about themselves.

So for a person who is structurally orientated, Somato-Respiratory Integration (SRI) would be a good place to start.

As Structure changes, then follows perception and then behaviour.

Commonly felt emotions at this stage are despair, frustration, anger, helplessness and anxiety.




People find their challenges here when they  *cannot accept their emotion.

They therefore do not feel it fully or express it in a healthy way.  They do not accept the related physical expression of that emotion in their body.

…also when they * cannot allow the meaning of thought.


The gift here is to shift the focus and change becomes effortless.


Sense of Self ( and my story about myself)


Dis-ease occurs when our sense of self is incongruent with what we feel deserving of or entitled to.  Particularly this applies to depression.

The sense of self needs constancy (to reinforce it), emotional sameness, thought constancy, the illusion of time and space.

The gifts of moving through this are emotional strength, determination, curiosity to know more, flexibility and excitement.


Behaviour (conscious)


As most present day disease is lifestyle/ behaviour related, we need to increase our awareness of this.  The pain of this increased awareness helps to motivate change.

Instead of wanting to stop something and focusing on less of something, shift your focus to what you are going to start.   Set a goal and move towards it.  By focusing on the new goal, that which no longer serves you and your new goal will fall effortlessly away.

As greater awareness and wellness occurs the inner question shifts to “ How can I optimise, progress or produce wellness from this situation?”


Most of the fear around change is not so much the fear of the change, but the fear of the failure of not making the change.


Consciousness (The Spine is The Conduit of Consciousness)


The awareness comes of the observer, observing itself observing.


The inner questions become:

‘What am I doing?’

‘How can I express more love?’

‘How can I grow gratitude?’

‘How can I share my gifts and abundance?’

‘Where is the gift in this?’

‘We are each others’ wisdom and medicine.


The emotional experience has more expression of peace, stillness, rhythmic connection, gratitude, joy, passion, grace and awe.





Wellness = the experience of vitality, a desire to participate fully in life, take chances, and have an internal state of wellbeing.

Healing as acknowledging relationships

“Healing is basically the result of putting right our wrong relations to our body, to other people and…to our own complicated minds, with their emotions and instincts at war with one another and not properly understood and accepted by what we call ‘I’ or ‘me’.  The process is one of reorganization, reintegration of things which have come apart.”

excerpt from the essay “The Spirit in Health and Disease”, by psychiatrist Laurence J. Bendit, M.D. about healing being a process of rebuilding one’s life anew from chaos and disorder.



A recent read of Yoga Journal reminded me about…..

Getting to the Heart of Healing at Healing Wave Wellness

Why do we wish to release tension? Some of our tension is what keeps us away from our healing. The state of surrender links us to the realm of pure consciousness and feeling.  It is beyond mind and cannot be measured by the mind. Leave your mind at the door, stop the chatter, breathe, move and feel. Walls of tension constructed long ago start to disappear.  Wounds that we never knew were there begin to heal.  Long-submerged emotions come to the surface.  Eventually the inner soil and space is set for the flower of the heart to grow and unfold. “…the mind is a limited mechanism, the miraculous realm of the spirit can be comprehended only by the spirit within.” Jai Uttal is a Grammy-nominated musician and vocalist.  His latest CD is called Bhakti Bazaar. When you notice your body emitting sound…ie a groan, a whimper…pay attention!  Play with your own sound and vibration by consciously making more of the sound that emits.  Play with the range and register until you feel the sound vibrate in your body. In Nada yoga, the yoga of sound, the human voice and classical Indian instruments are used as a path to self-realization, opening the spiritual channels and harmonizing the spiritual body.  “The ultimate goal of nada yoga is self-realization through connecting with the anahata naada, the unstruck inner sound, or the sound of our true being,” says Shanti Shivani, a nada yoga teacher, vocalist and sound healer.

Transformation in healing is about removing the obstacles that obscure who you really are.

“We’re not transforming into something we aspire to.  We’re transforming into the very thing that we are innately: our best self” says Rod Stryker (Para Yoga founder and Tantra scholar) When putting our attention, breath, movement and energy into parts of our spines and bodies that we have lost touch with, we can learn how to take a new shape or position in our spines and bodies and what follows are possibilities for new shapes and positions in our thinking, our awareness and our lives.  We can make better and healthier choices in our lives. —————————————————————————————————————————————– ——————————————————————————————————————————————

From The Desk of Nanditha Ram….

For the past few months, I have been experiencing a form of therapy called network spinal analysis (NSA) –  a technique of touching the spine is a specific way, with minimal force, but maximum impact. That is, a non-intrusive, yet specific touch to the spine which instructs the brain to develop new strategies of creating and promoting wellness.

In the words of Dr. Donald Epstein, founder of NSA: Network Spinal Analysis assists the brain in developing new strategies to:

  • experience the world
  • adapt to stress
  • dissipate tension from the spine and nerves
  • connect with your body’s natural rhythms
  • experience greater well being
  • make healthier choices
  • create a more self – correcting self reliant “magical spine”
  • develop the Somatopsychic and Respiratory “healing waves”

The first thing that happens here is the release of spinal tension and congestion in the spinal nerves and the muscles around the spine.  According to Dr. Epstein, existing tension can be used as a basis for re-ordering the spine. After all tension is just another form of energy stored in the body and it can be constructively channeled for the right purpose – wellness. This is precisely what NSA does – channels the body’s pent-up, negative and stagnant energies to positive effect. The length of your life is determined by the health of your spine – Chinese proverb From my experience, I understand that this technique helps to not only release tension in the spine, but also to bring about a new body awareness. This enhanced body awareness combined with spinal release can help release patterns of muscular tension. Muscular tension is not merely a physical phenomenon. It is  a way of holding emotional patterns  that inhibit us in different ways. Releasing the muscle means releasing the emotional pattern encrusted within. Releasing emotions in this way means letting go of old life patterns and discovering a new life force within.  Add to this the awareness of breath and you have an integrated  approach to wellness. Body awareness + breath awareness + spinal release using breath = wellness A major part of your body awareness comes from your breath – Yogic texts The practice of yoga is similar. We develop a new awareness of the body using breath. One of the new awarenesses developed during NSA sessions is brought about by breath awareness. We breathe into a particular part of the spine or lift a part of the body using breath. In yoga practice as well, awareness of the spine is key. Breathing through the spine, only more so.

I have noticed several changes in my body and mind since the start of this therapy.

The overall quality of my life has improved as a natural outcome of NSA. I don’t suffer from headaches as often as I used to. I seem to have increased stamina and more patience with people and situations. My breath is slow and even. I seem to have slowed down considerably and this makes me feel like there are more hours in a day  – do they call it slowing down of time? I found it to be an amazing way to connect with myself and experience greater self-acceptance. NSA is a practice I hope to continue with for the rest of my life. It has opened the channels of intuition within my body and brings me back to the present from time to time. What better reason to keep going back to it…. Nanditha is a yoga teacher and writer…

MORE FROM Nanditha Ram ::

Network Spinal Analysis – a deeper understanding I have already shared in a previous posting Healing Wave Wellness, how this healing modality works in increasing self awareness and in awakening the body-mind connection at a conscious level.  This technique puts the recipient in a heightened state of awareness with regard to the connection between body, mind and emotion.

It has helped me find a new side of myself.  The less energy that is stuck in my body, the less I am stuck in life.  I have realised that there is a direct correlation here and the more of this therapy my body receives, the more my consciousness is expanding and the more life seems to flow in healing waves.

To read more from Nanditha..please follow her link above…



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