About Sally Dutton ::

Sally Dutton at Healing Wave Wellness

Sally is passionate about personal growth and human potential in healing.

At Healing Wave Wellness she loves to help people find greater connection, presence and expression of their own essence utilizing both Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) and Somato-Respiratory Respiration (SRI).

Sally first graduated with an Honours Degree in Marine Biology from Victoria University in 1978.  She spent 4 years working in that field with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries – Fisheries Research Division before heading off to study Chiropractic in Australia. She graduated from the Phillip Institute of Technology in Melbourne in 1987.

After practicing as a Chiropractor in Wellington Sally moved back up to her home coast in 1997.  Since that time she has been practicing and continuing further training with both NSA and SRI with Dr Donald Epstein…and has attended many of his programs in Australia, USA and Italy.  Sally has achieved Part III Certification in NSA —currently the highest level of certification available in this discipline.  She is a Quantum Member of the Association for Reorganizational Healing Practice.

“I see NSA and SRI as pathways to wellness through education and self-awareness.  Symptom relief  is often achieved in the early stages of care but the process continues and addresses the guarded energy of long-standing problems.  Once old patterns are released, the advanced care enables emergence, expansion and personal evolution

Sally recommends her clients also work with her partner Nik Curry.  Nik’s Postural Patterning work teaches people how to see and use their bodies well. Much of what people do with their bodies in terms of posture and movement they do with unconscious patterns.  Nik’s work also adds new levels of awareness to people looking for change in themselves.  For further information please visit http://www.nikcurry.com .

Sally’s other passions at present are her two horses, Equine Touch, reading, gardening and quilting.


About Network Spinal Analysis ::

Often also known as Network Care or Network Chiropractic.  In the early 1980s, Chiropractor Dr Donald Epstein noticed that some chiropractors were using gentle touch techniques instead of physical adjustments.  He discovered that the gentle touches were encouraging the spine and nervous system to realign and dissipate stress and tension on their own.  Some techniques worked around the neck area, others near the tailbone and others around specific vertebrae.  Dr Epstein found that these methods achieved excellent results, so he developed a comprehensive system that is now known as Network Spinal Analysis.

Network Spinal Analysis Practitioners use gentle touches to the spine and tissue around the spinal cord to stimulate the nervous system and spine to properly align.  When the nerve system is free from interference caused by misalignments or tensions on the spine and nerves, then the body can achieve a higher expression of healing and alignment.

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